Best Friend +800 LP +500 LP H.Events

Spring 08

  • Pineapple
  • Black: find 60 sprites
  • Purple: 10k (steps, ship items, catch fish), find #2 mine

Blue: unlock all 9 channels

Yellow: give her total 500 gifts


Winter 26

Golden Lumber
  • Seasonal Suns
  • Diamond, Pink Diamond,
  • Relaxtea (Pot, relaxtea leaves)
  • Alexandrite, Mythic Stones
  • Black: give her finest or ultimate curry
  • Purple: give her relaxtea

Blue: give her requested jewel

Yellow: give her golden lumber


Summer 30

Large Fish
  • Baked Fish (Frypan, med fish)
  • Diamond, Pink Diamond

Broach, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet Medium Fish

  • Black: Daryll's basement, Daryll 100+ friend points
  • Purple: Daryll's house

Blue: Daryll's basement

Yellow: give her bottled message


Winter 29

Rainbow Curry
  • Toadstool
  • Red Wild Grass


  • Black: exit Panama's mansion
  • Purple: (50 animals die, litter 10x, turn blue 5x, poison H.Fest 5x, exit valley 10x, 60 sprites), Goddess Pond area

Blue: give 100 gifts, Witch's hut

Yellow: Witch's hut, know Elli Leaves recipe

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